What makes Greenleaf’s publishing model unique?

Greenleaf is a hybrid publisher that offers authors the most powerful benefits of traditional publishing with the rights ownership and creative control of self-publishing. Our model delivers quality and retail distribution on par with the major publishers, while allowing authors to keep their rights, maintain creative control, and earn greater profits on book sales.

How much does it cost to work with Greenleaf?

Costs vary depending on the needs of each book and the author’s goals. Once a book is accepted through our review process, we will create a custom plan for your book, with recommended services and associated costs.

Can you get my book into bookstores?

As a master distributor, we distribute books to major book retailers and wholesalers, including airport bookstores, libraries, and specialty retailers both domestic and international. Greenleaf distributes our titles and a limited number of independently published titles each year. Visit our Book Distribution page to learn more.

What types of books do you publish?

We publish both non-fiction and fiction titles . We accept submissions of all genres and encourage you to submit your book here.

How can I have my book considered for publication or distribution with Greenleaf?

Greenleaf requests that authors and independent publishers submit a writing sample (a book idea or proposal, a manuscript, sample chapters, or a completed book) and a submission form to be considered for publication or distribution. Once we receive your submission, it will be given a thorough review, and you will hear from us within 3–6 weeks. During the review process, books, manuscripts, or proposals are evaluated for content, quality, and sales potential by our committee of publishing experts. If you have any questions about our submissions process, please email submissions@greenleafbookgroup.com.

What services do you offer?

Greenleaf can assist with all aspects of book publishing and distribution, including

  • editorial development;
  • layout and design;
  • e-book and audiobook production;
  • printing, warehousing, and logistics management;
  • international retail and online distribution;
  • foreign rights;
  • book marketing; and
  • brand development and audience building.

We can work with books at all stages of development, from an idea to a completed manuscript or an already published book. Visit our Submissions page to find out how to start the process.

Do I keep my intellectual property when I publish with Greenleaf?

Yes. All Greenleaf authors retain complete ownership of their books. We are one of the few publishers that allows authors to keep their full intellectual property rights. This means that authors stay in control of their brands, and since they own the work, they can sell publication rights, foreign rights, and even film rights.

What are the benefits of publishing with Greenleaf?

Greenleaf authors cite many reasons for wanting to work with us; including

  • author ownership of intellectual property;
  • international distribution;
  • higher royalties;
  • authors receive 100% of direct sales revenue;
  • full creative control;
  • high quality production;
  • faster speed-to-market;
  • customized, sales-focused marketing strategy; and
  • access to a team of publishing experts who can manage every aspect of a book project.

How long will it take to publish my book?

Greenleaf can produce and take a book to market faster than a traditional publisher, often in as few as six to nine months. We also champion it with bookstores for much longer than the average three to six months of a major publisher.

How do I know if it’s the right time to contact Greenleaf?

Greenleaf works with authors and thought leaders at all points in their publishing journey. Whether you have a great idea for a book, need help revising an already written manuscript, or have produced a book independently and are hoping to get it onto bookstore shelves, we can help you take the next step. You may want to contact Greenleaf if

  • you have a book proposal or idea with significant potential to reach a wide audience,
  • your manuscript is complete and ready for professional editorial feedback and publication,
  • your book is at press or recently published and you need distribution,
  • your previously published book needs to be updated and repackaged for a new release,
  • or you are a thought leader who wants to build your brand and audience.

I’m working with a team to create my book. Will Greenleaf work with my existing team?

Yes. We create a customized plan for each of our authors and can effectively work with your existing partners whether you already have your own marketing team, an outside editor or even a cover designer. We are open to collaborating with your team to create the best possible results.

How many best sellers has Greenleaf worked with?

Greenleaf has had the privilege of publishing or distributing over 35 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling authors. Our authors’ strong ideas combined with Greenleaf’s expertise in the industry has positioned Greenleaf authors to succeed in the book marketplace.

What is your “standard” book publication process?

Every book project is unique and all of our services are customized. Once your project has been through our submissions review committee, we will reach out and work with you to create a customized publishing package, specific to your needs.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at contact@greenleafbookgroup.com